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Made in Italy - TRUE ITALY Guarantee Genuine Italian products


True Italy is the ultimate tool to protect retailers, wholesalers, and consumers
from frauds of counterfeited Italian products.


Due to unfair competition and the unlawful exploitation of the "Made in Italy" concept, retailers, wholesalers, and consumers can often find products labeled as Italian made or with Italian sounding or names, colors or logos that have no relationship with a product genuinely designed and manufactured in Italy.

Faked "Italian" products are often supported by criminal or even terroristic organizations recycling money coming from illegal activities.

They are manufactured by companies investing not even a single penny in style research and technology development, employing child or even slave labor, and without respecting any environment-friendly committement. They just copy the bright ideas and the hard work of many talented Italian stylists and workers.

They jeopardize the business of the Italian companies manufacturing truly Italian products, driving many of them to a shutdown. The result? Less and less Italian companies able to let consumers to enjoy the unmatched style and quality of genuine Italian made products.

Consumers and resellers are usually the first victims of counterfeit products. They think to buy an Italian product, but they don't! They pay for something else than the real thing, something of much lower quality and supporting the illegal market.

In addition , Italian products are such sought-after merchandise, it is frequently stolen and sold illegally in many countries. By purchasing these stolen or fraudolent products, retailers and consumers alike are unknowingly contributing to this crime.


True Italy™ protects consumers and resellers of Authentic Italian and Made in Italy Products, allowing them to check - quickly, simply, and for free - if what they bought is actually an Italian made product. Additionally, they get more information about the product itself and the company that manufactured it.

If you want to be sure that what you bought is really Italian you must choose a product featuring a True Italy™ Tag or Label (see an example on the right). You can easily recognize it because of its logo and two additional basic information: the Authenticity Code and the Serial Number. If both of them are not clearly printed on the label or tag coming with the product you are going to purchase, this is not a True Italy™ Tag or Label.

The Authenticity Code and the Serial Number are two key elements that will allow you to check personally if the product is really what it claims to be. Just take your True Italy™ Label or Tag, go to the site and enter the Authenticity Code exactly as it is printed, then click the "CHECK it now!" button.

You will get some data displayed on your monitor. Compare them with the Label or Tag of the product you bought and, if they match, you can be sure of being a lucky buyer of a genuine Italian product. If they do not (or get a warning), you can send an Anomaly Report to True Italy. The True Italy personnel will evaluate the situation and let you know accordingly. If no mistake will be found and the True Italy™ Tag found counterfeited, you could consider to return the product for a refund, as you didn't get what you paid for!

Learn more about how to use the True Italy™ checking system at its FAQs page or download a PDF leaftlet (53 Kb).

True Italy™ allows you to be confident that the product you bought really comes from an Italian company, which officially claims it has been designed and made in Italy.

Trust True Italy™ and let your clients trust it! Purchase from your Italian Suppliers Products coming attached with a True Italy™ Tag or Label.


Use TRUE ITALY in 4 Steps!

  1. Take the TRUE ITALY tag or label attached to the product you bought
  2. Go to the TRUE ITALY Web site (for consumers) at
  3. Input exactly the 20-digit authentication code printed on the tag or label
  4. Match the results with your tag and product!


The True Italy™ Service is currently licensed for Italy's territory to the company Srl (based in Como, Italy), the creator of the ItalianModa Marketplace.

Service companies and System Integrators can take advantage of the patent-pending True Italy Technology and know-how to offer the same or a similar service to large corporations, associations and companies.Write for details about licensing, including a complete profile your company.

Buy the real thing and get more customers!

A golden rule:
Prefer products coming with the True Italy Tag or Label attached! Ask for them to your wholesale supplier!

Genuine Made in Italy with the TRUE ITALY  mark. No counterfeits, no scams

Benefits for consumers

Benefits for retailers

A True Italy Tag

The genuine Italian products guaranteed by the True Italy service come with a special Tag attached (like the one above) or have the True Italy logo below

Made in Italy with confidence. Truly Italian products with TRUE ITALY Tag

plus an authenticity code and a serial number printed on the Italian manufacturer's own label.